Ezra Miller Films Pickup Shots for ‘The Flash’

the flash reshoots

It has been confirmed that Ezra Miller has returned last week to the Warner Bros. Studio lot to film some pickup shots for 2023’s The Flash. This news comes after a long saga of various troubling reports involving the actor and their actions that ranged from perplexing to potentially severely dangerous to others. Miller had a meeting in August with Warner Bros. representatives, which is said to have been productive in terms of the future of the film’s ability to release.

They have issued apologies for their actions and have begun treatment for “complex mental health issues” after rumors began to circulate that this might lead to the outright cancellation of The Flash. The Andy Muschietti-directed film is set to adapt the Flashpoint comic storyline with Barry Allen’s multiversal traverses leaving rippling consequences across the DC Universe. One key element of this involves the return of Michael Keaton as Batman from his film franchise of the late 1980s and early 1990s alongside Ben Affleck’s reprisal of Bruce Wayne from the current universe.

It has been one of Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets that this film is set to serve as a partial reset point for DC’s cinematic landscape. This is something that many have argued is certainly necessary with the remnants of the Snyderverse preventing a new identity to be formed in a meaningful way. According to various sources, it has been said that The Flash may be exactly what DC needs based on how well the film has been performing with test audiences.

As of now, The Flash still intends to release despite the swirling controversies around it. The film is currently scheduled to release theatrically on June 23, 2023.

Source: The Wrap

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