FanDome: Your First Look at ‘GOTHAM KNIGHTS’

Finally, WB Games Montreal confirmed the title for their next Batman game today. It has been 7 years since they released Batman: Arkham Origins. We haven’t had the chance to play as the titular Batman since 2016 in Batman: Arkham VR. This is the longest wait we had in-between game releases for the franchise. Many of us are just waiting to once again step into the cape and cowl and keep Gotham safe.  After plenty of leaks and cryptic tweets, we finally got our first look at the latest entry in the Batman gaming franchise, Gotham Knights. 

It has been a long wait for this game. The Batman Arkham franchise has been a massive success for Warner Bros. and kickstarted a new era for video games based on comic characters. We knew that WB Games Montreal was going to be involved as they were behind the Batman: Arkham Origins prequel. They worked closely with Rocksteady, the original creators of the franchise. As they venture out to their new Suicide Squad game. The trailer looks amazing and now I hate that I will have to wait until the game finally releases. It’s going to feel like an eternity but the trailer certainly has me excited. the trailer at first makes us think it is part of the Arkham Knight ending with Batman announced dead but a lot doesn’t match up. This is a separate universe with a unique take on the mythos. That tease at the end has me extremely excited for what the Court of Owls has planned for the Bat-family.

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