FanDome: ‘BLACK ADAM’ Logo Leaks Ahead of Panel

DC FanDome can’t avoid the early leaks. There is still some time to go before the event starts. Some of the merch has already leaked online a bit ahead of schedule. We just recently covered our first look at Task Force X for the upcoming The Suicide Squad film. Now, we also have our first look at the upcoming Black Adam logo. We just recently got a reveal of Dwayne Johnson in costume so it was just a question of time before we see the logo.

I won’t lie, it is kind of bland. The color scheme chosen is perfect for the characters design. Even the font seems to pay tribute to the logo design for Shazam!. It makes sense to connect these shows visually as they will crossover at one point. Still, the logo that really popped in the last film. This is quite different from the tease that Dwayne Johnson shared on Instagram yesterday.

They could’ve made the logo pop out by having the Lightning bolt being black. Johnson‘s teaser made it stand out a bit more but it would’ve been cool to flip the lightning as a reaction to the previous film’s version. It would highlight that he isn’t as kind as Shazam if it had a darker color. Plus, they could make the Black Adam stand out with strong golden lettering. There is always the chance this logo will change as they enter production. It could also just be something they prepared for merch.  Even the first logo for the original Suicide Squad film changed quite a bit once the marketing started.

Source: Twitter, Instagram

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