FanDome: ‘Gotham Knights’ Gameplay Teases Showdown With Mr. Freeze

Alright, information is just coming out of this DC FanDome panel on the next installment in the Batman gaming franchise. We got our first look at the game and the confirmation of the title of Batman: Gotham Knights. This opened up the theory if we will also get the confirmation of the rumored gameplay. Supposedly, this game was going to take inspiration from the Lord of the Rings games. This means that it would include various factions at war throughout Gotham. They did confirm that your actions will influence the characters’ development throughout the game. Now, the DC FanDome panel has not only given us a trailer for the story but also an entire 8 minutes of gameplay.

We sadly only have the release date of 2021 so the wait will be a painful one once again. Still, these new gameplay mechanics sound like an amazing addition to the game we know and love. This brings a whole new meaning to protecting Gotham from evil. It will be interesting to see how the co-op will function once the game releases.

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