‘Fantastic Four’ Production Update Keeps the Film on Track for 2025

Despite an October statement by director Matt Shakman indicating the production on Fantastic Four was set to kick off in Spring 2024, recent misinformation had fans confused. A bogus report about a January start of principal photography caused fans to believe that the lack of casting news in recent weeks meant the film would not start on time and that it would be delayed. Alas, this is the world in which we live where starting on time powers a tsunami of bullshit. Nonetheless, a new report from a reliable insider has smoothed the rough waters for now.

According to insider Daniel RPK, cameras are set to roll on Fantastic Four beginning in May. The project, which was originally announced at SDCC ’19 with Jon Watts as director, has been a constant source of rumors and speculation, especially around the cast. As of now, no members of Marvel’s First Family have been announced though rumors persist that Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn and Ebon-Moss Bachrach will fill the roles of Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, respectively.

The unfounded concerns about a delay in the start of production have led to internet buzz that the film will be unable to make its May 2nd, 2025 theatrical debut. While that may come to pass, there’s nothing at the moment that is cause for concern. Given now long the project has been in development and that Shakman has been on board and working with writers Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer for well over a year, there’s no telling how much VFX work may have already been done that might allow for post-production to take place both concurrently with filming and speed up the process after.

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