Idris Elba Teases Mystery Project With Marvel

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Idris Elba might still have a future with Marvel. The actor, who has played Asgardian warrior Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011’s Thor, was thought to have exited the franchise when his character died valiantly in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. However, a surprise post-credits cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder revealed Heimdall still exists in the halls of Valhalla and has renewed interest from fans in seeing Elba take on the role again.

Speaking with SyFy in support of his new movie Beast, the multifaceted performer was asked about the potential of a return to Marvel after Phase 4. While Elba has leaned more towards the DC side of the aisle in recent years, he wasn’t quick to deny a future with Heimdall. Instead, the actor hinted that there may be a new project in the works that would see him wear the golden helmet once more:

Heimdall is a beloved character, I love playing him. There may be something cooking.

Idris Elba

When asked to elaborate on what he meant, Elba shied away. However, he still left a lot of room for interpretation with his response:

I don’t know, I would tell you if I did. Well, probably not…

Idris Elba

The last time audiences saw Heimdall, he was welcoming Jane Foster to the afterlife. There is a recent comic book run by writer Jason Aaron that features those two characters adventuring from beyond the grave, so perhaps Kevin Feige and the folks at Marvel Studios will find space in their busy schedule to make an adaptation happen.

Beast is now in theaters.

Source: SyFy

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