‘Black Sails’ Actor Joins Netflix’s ‘One Piece’

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It looks like many One Piece actors are slowly updating their CVs with the latest show. While any official announcements have been quite seldom, it does seem that the site Pursch Artistes has updated quite a few of its actors’ resumes. Just recently we found out that Warrior actor Grant Ross is tackling the role of Genzo and now another one can be added to the list.

As first shared by @OP_Netflix_Fan on Twitter, it seems that Tamer Burjaq has updated his CV confirming he’s working on the One Piece series. Not only that, but he also revealed that he’s taking on the role of Higuma. The actor has quite the resume which includes DREDD 3D, Dark Tower, Black Sails, Tomb Raider, and many more.

In the case of who exactly Higuma is, the character isn’t a major player in the One Piece story but definitely a memorable one. He’s technically the first villain that Luffy faces in his youth, as he’s a mountain bandit that ends up in a fight with Shanks. Of course, we don’t know if the live-action adaptation may make some tweaks or changes to the original introduction of the character, but with the confirmation of a young Luffy in the cast, we’ll very likely get the iconic Romance Dawn flashback.

There is some confusing information included, which is the fact that it hints that director Emma Sullivan is involved with the episode that includes the actor. At this point, it seems like they may have defaulted with the director, as it was hinted that she’s involved with two episodes. At this point, she’d be directing an Arlong Park episode, Baratie, and even Syrup Village. For now, we’ll have to see once more information finds its way online.

Source: Pursch Artistes

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