‘Warrior’ Actor Joins Live-Action ‘One Piece’

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It looks like the various roles are getting filled for the upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece. While we’re still waiting for the next official reveal by the team behind the franchise, it does seem like actor Grant Ross, known for his work on Warrior, American Monster and The Kissing Booth has joined the production as Genzo.

For those that might not know, Genzo is an important character in the Arlong Park Arc. While not a major role in the One Piece mythos, he plays a vital role in Nami’s upbringing and it’s great to see their casting be as close as possible to the original manga. He famously wore a windmill in his cap which would be fun to see in live-action. Ross was excited about the announcement and shared some great-looking fan art on how similar he looks to his manga counterpart.

The interesting reveal is that he seemingly has a role in an episode directed by Emma Sullivan. The surprise is that she was confirmed to direct the episodes he’s in. While there’s a chance that the Arlong Park Arc could be a multi-episode storyline, she was confirmed to be tackling the storyline of the Baratie. Many theorized that might’ve taken up multiple episodes as well.

So, it opens up the question if Baratie is only one episode or if the Doctor Who director is also responsible for every episode involving these two storylines. Genzo is only in that one storyline but there’s a chance he only included the director that was publicly known. Of course, we won’t know for sure until it is officially revealed.

Source: Pursch Artistes

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