Netflix’s ‘One Piece’s is Slowly Wrapping Up Production

one piece production

It looks like One Piece may be slowly winding down production in South Africa, or rather Cape Town to be exact. As shared by Caitlin Rollino on her Instagram account, she reveals that the main unit has seemingly wrapped on the One Piece live-action series. There hasn’t been an official statement in regards to the project having fully wrapped up, but it definitely seems like production is slowly nearing its end.

It’s crazy to think that we’ve been following it since January when the production first started getting rolling. Seven months later, it has seemingly entered its final stages and hopefully further hints when we might expect its release. Director Marc Jobst seemingly hinted that the first two episodes wrapped production in May. The series has been teased to be among Netflix’s largest, especially with the news that this live-action adaptation may have a budget on par with other Marvel Studios productions.

With a talented team behind it, there’s an exciting potential with this adaptation. The cast is quite excited to bring this project to life, the showrunners are big fans of the source material and the sets promise that it’s truly the original brought to life. The mangaka behind the series, Eiichiro Oda, also is heavily involved and it does add a stamp of approval that some other projects might not have. Anime adaptations are a difficult challenge but we said the same about superheroes not too long ago. Perhaps this series is the perfect choice to accomplish that very goal.

Source: Instagram

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