Live-Action ‘One Piece’s Budget on Par with Marvel Studios’ Films

one piece live action budget

There’s been a lot of discourse on just how big the budget is for Netflix’s attempt at bringing One Piece into live-action. It’s not a cheap undertaking, especially when one considers the leaked set photos teasing towns and even entire boats replicated for the sake of production. Luckily, Richard Bridgland, the production designer on One Piece, has revealed that their project is on par with what Marvel Studios is producing.

We know he’s working on One Piece, as he’s highlighted as the Production Designer of “Project Panda,” which was the name we first heard just as the production was preparing a while before cameras started rolling. @dogy_logy shared a clip from the presentation on Twitter, which included the statement regarding the budget reveal.

On a big film, the main unit crew will cost anywhere between 180 thousand to 250K thousand a day. And we’re talking about a big Marvel movie, the production I am working on at the moment. If they get held up a half an hour, you can calculate that cost.

There have been many discussions on just how much money Netflix is investing in this project, and knowing that it’s following the production budget of a Marvel production, which goes up to the $200M, it’s quite something up. The challenge will be that they keep these budgets going for future entries, especially as future seasons may get even crazier with their budgets, and with Netflix’s current situation, here’s hoping they keep that investment alive for many future seasons.

Source: Twitter

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