‘Avatar 2’ Set to Pass a Billion Tonight

avatar 2 billion

The time has already arrived, as Avatar: The Way of Water is seemingly already on its way to passing a billion. After taking in $955M on Monday, the film now stands to pass the billion-dollar mark by the end of the day this Tuesday. James Cameron‘s latest film once again proves the value of the international box office as well as his usual strong legs. Combine all that with a very convenient Christmas free of competition.

At the moment, its split is $293.2M domestic with a good chance of potentially reaching the $400M mark by the end of its run. Internationally is where most o the investment stand at $661.9M with the additional push of China. In a year where science fiction has been struggling quite a bit, the film is that last glimpse of potential going into the end of the year.

As of now, the film’s strongest markets are China at $104.5M, France at $60.5M, Korea’s $55.4M, and Germany stands at an impressive $41.5M. So, here’s the big question of just how far the film will make it. There’s still a chance that it could reach two billion, but while its Christmas momentum has been impressive it’s unclear if that will fully carry over.

avatar billion, it needs to make a lot of money, or else the investment for future installments might end up being questioned. If it passes two billion remains a question in the upcoming weeks but it’s still looking like a strong box office run no matter what, especially with it already passing a billion by tonight.

Source: Deadline

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