Marc Jobst Wraps Work on First 2 Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Episodes

one piece live action

It’s crazy to think that a few months have already passed since the live-action One Piece series started production. We didn’t know how they would tackle the series and if they are tackling it one episode at a time. It’s not uncommon for production to follow a different structure, as they schedule it around the availability of actors and how long some sets might require construction, something that stands out with One Piece‘s many ships that were spotted. Now, it seems that director Marc Jobst has wrapped up production on the first two episodes, as shared on Twitter.

The date on the board confirms that they’ve finished work with Friday’s date included. While we were able to confirm he’s working on the pilot episode some time ago, this is our first reveal that he’s also working on the second entry. The timing seems interesting, as the iconic ship of Shank’s was spotted and perhaps they’ve finished work on the flashbacks involving Shanks at a later point, which is why the first two episodes were only able to wrap at this point. He also shared a photo with some of the cast members to highlight the fun he had working on this project.

We’ve seen set photos of the Baratie and Alvida’s ship, which gave us some hint at some elements they may have filmed over time. Even Garp’s ship was hinted at, which was still in construction some time ago and may have already been finished. There’s a lot we don’t know, but it’s great to see they are moving forward with the production at a smooth pace and Jobst seemingly had an amazing time working on the production. Here’s hoping that he’ll also return for future seasons if Netflix realizes the potential of this project.

Source: Twitter

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