Elizabeth Olsen on [SPOILER]’s Absence in ‘Doctor Strange 2’

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The upcoming article will spoil some story elements from the latest Doctor Strange film. If you want to remain unspoiled in the Multiverse of Madness, then only continue at your own risk.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduces us to Wanda after the Darkhold took full control over her hopes and dreams. She’s looking for a way to travel throughout the multiverse in hopes that she can reunite with her children. Yet, many might have wondered why there’s a noticeable absence of her other family member, Vision.

We do see a multiversal representation of her kids but she seemingly isn’t actively looking for her husband either. In an interview with Collider, Elizabeth Olsen not only talks about how many people she could end up looking for in the multiverse but also why the version we meet is seemingly on her own. She is asked if Wanda wouldn’t want to bring back more people from her past, and she goes on to highlight that:

There’s a whole list of things, like my brother, my parents. I think the main reason when we would talk about if there is this multiverse, and in the version of the universe this woman wasn’t with Vision. We liked having that be a mystery. For some reason he’s not in her world. I always thought of her as more of a domestic Wanda. They got divorced. They’re separated. She’s not wearing a wedding band for a reason. Like those kinds of things. We liked the idea of her being on her own. The idea really is that the most important thing once you become a mother in the world are your children, and that’s why.

Elizabeth Olsen

It definitely seems like this aspect builds upon what the ending of WandaVision gives us. Not only was she able to say her farewell to Vision but her focus on her kids is exactly what the Darkhold had focused on when it started influencing her mind. The fact she’s completely focused on her kids and a multiverse where it’s only them may highlight that her good intentions were being manipulated greatly by the evil book of sorcery in her possession. It’ll be interesting to see if the Scarlet Witch may have a bigger story to tell.

Source: Collider

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