‘She-Hulk’s Place in the MCU Timeline Revealed

she hulk timeline

There’s a fun new tradition with every new Marvel Cinematic Universe release on Disney+. Not only do we get a brand new series to enjoy, or even a way to watch the latest film but it also gives us a little look into where or rather when it takes place in the MCU timeline. While these shows can crossover in some ways, it is great to get a feeling for when exactly it takes place. With She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s release, we got our latest update.

As it turns out, the series is right between the last two Disney+ series, Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel. It’s quite interesting as most of the latest projects take place at the end of the timeline. As of now, Ms. Marvel is the latest in the timeline but Thor: Love and Thunder might potentially take that spot. While it continues Avengers: Endgame, it does seemingly take quite a bit of time afterward, as Thor got back in shape and spent some time with the Guardians.

She-Hulk is going to be a different kind of project, as it’ll connect more directly to the overarching characters of the franchise. It’ll also see the return of Charlie Cox‘s Daredevil and could potentially answer what he’s been up to. The Daredevil franchise I still not included in the MCU timeline which further hints it is part of its own universe within the multiverse. Perhaps they are also just waiting for his return to reveal it. We’ll have to see.

Source: Disney+

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