Winter Soldier and Cloning Labs Heading to ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Later This Year

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After quite a wait for a new hero, it seems like we’re seeing a lot more updates from Marvel’s Avengers. Not only did we get Jane Foster’s thor as a recent addition to the game, but now the announcement has come that Winter Soldier is also going to become a playable character later this year. They have not given us an exact release, but there are some exciting things heading our way in the upcoming months.

The update 2.7. will not just include Bucky Barnes but also will see the return of MODOK in the Cloning Labs mission. It was first teased all the way back when the game was about to launch but is finally making its grand arrival in the game. It seems these missions alongside a new one featuring Monica that’ll be part of the September 2.6 release heading our way in September.

There’s no definite release window for the Winter Soldier update, but it does seem that he’ll arrive before the year ends. No word on how he’ll play exactly but he won’t be an echo character like Jane Foster was. They also highlighted that the new streaming offerings from Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation’s new Plus model gave them quite the boost in new players. So, we might be able to expect a lot more from the game moving forward.

Source: Forbes

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