Owen Wilson Says Marvel Scolded Him For Talking About ‘Loki’

Marvel Studios is famously secretive about their upcoming projects, and it would seem Loki star Owen Wilson learned this the hard way. The veteran actor has grown to become a fan favorite member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as jet ski loving TVA Agent Mobius M. Mobius. Wilson will be back for the show’s second season, which is currently filming in London, but stated in a recent interview with ComicBook that he’s keeping his lips sealed on his character’s future.

Asked to give more information on Loki and Mobius, the former Royal Tennenbaums star revealed he made the mistake of saying too much in the past, and heard about it from Marvel themselves. The actor began with a brief, timid response to the question of what fans should expect in Loki Season 2:

Well, I do think that… you know, we’ll see what happens with this one. I immediately get kind of self-conscious because they’re so kind of uptight.

Owen Wilson

Wilson is, of course, referring to Marvel’s long history of shushing performers who are eager to give away details on their upcoming work. When pressed on whether or not he’s been scolded by the company in the past, Wilson gave an earnest and succinct answer:

Yes. Yeah, multiple times.

Owen Wilson

It seems nobody is safe from Marvel’s content lockdown. The actor has had fun with the strict set of rules in the past, however, once joking that Marvel boss Kevin Feige sent him an anonymous, threatening text after he let slip that Mobius would have a mustache in Loki’s first season. Hopefully, Wilson makes it to the premiere of the next season, and fans can be happy with all the surprises the show’s creative team has in store.

Source: Comic Book

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