‘Final Fantasy XVI’ Announcement Trailer Teases an Action-Packed Medieval Adventure

Final Fantasy has seen quite the resurgence as of late. After a miserable start, Final Fantasy XIV Online was able to grow quite the community. Final Fantasy VII Remake brought us back to Midgar, as we explored Cloud’s story in a completely unique way. Many wondered if the focus would be to continue the remake’s franchise, as the first entry only focused on the opening of the original game. Still, we were hoping for some kind of announcement to tease what the sixteenth entry could look like. As they were building up towards the next generation of consoles, PlayStation started a PS Showcase with the reveal of Final Fantasy XVI in a stunning trailer.

Looks like Square-Enix is taking the franchise back to its fantasy-inspired roots. The trailer teases an ongoing war. We already get a variety of summons teased that seem to have some connection to a young Nobel boy Joshua. It seems we played a young man that was meant to protect the kid but is forced upon a rather different path. We also see a more action-packed gameplay style. It is uncertain if this will take inspiration from Final Fantasy VII Remake that combined the RPG elements with slasher-style combat. As a huge fan of the franchise, I am excited to see it continue.

Source: YouTube

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