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New Disney Plus Trailer Teases a 2020 Release for ‘WANDAVISION’, A Different Fate for ‘THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER’

A newly released ‘COMING SOON 2020’ trailer by Disney Plus seemingly confirms both our worst fears and our fondest hopes. Among the many features and films promised to stream before the end of the year was the Marvel Studios series WandaVision, which promises to be one of the most mind-bending and ambitious MCU projects to date. Unfortunately not seen on the video was what without COVID-19 been the first of the studios streaming series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Though it began filming prior to WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was unable to film in some key locations due to the pandemic and that, ultimately, seems to have been its undoing, apparently pushing it to 2021. However, WandaVision, which was a much more stage-intensive shoot, might just make it for 2020, meaning we won’t go without Marvel Studios content afterall! While we’d all welcome multiple Marvel Studios properties in 2020, I can assure you that The Falcon and The Winter Solider is absolutely worth the wait to make sure it’s completed properly, so let’s all dry our tears and get ready to find out when we’ll be able to start watching WandaVision!

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