First Look at Live-Action Pinocchio and Tom Hanks as Geppetto

pinocchio disney plus

While most of the Walt Disney Annual Meeting for Shareholder was mostly focused on the inner workings of the company, Disney was surprised with a special look at some future projects. The biggest was our first look at Tom Hanks as Gepetto for the Disney+ original live-action remake of Pinocchio.

It’s kind of crazy to see a live-action doll of Pinocchio that is just a one-to-one replica of the design from the cartoon. Yet, it makes sense given that dolls in this design are being sold worldwide and he is made of wood. Gepetto even looks amazingly faithful to the original with Tom Hanks truly embracing the character. He’s also a great choice for the role with his general optimistic attitude.

The film will likely follow the original quite closely, but the question is how much they’ll tone down specific elements. I wouldn’t expect children to smoke and drink beer in this film, but they might still turn some naughty children into donkeys to teach them a lesson. So far though, it looks quite faithful and it’ll be interesting to see what they may change once it releases.

Source: Walt Disney

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