First ‘Madame Web’ Set Photos Hint at Early 2000s NYC

madame web set

We just recently heard that production has already started on Sony’s Madame Web film. Sydney Sweeney revealed it in a brief interview and right after, it seems we already got our first look at the set. It seems that Sony is turning Boston into New York City of the early 200s0s as shared by Boston’s Kevin Slane. It’s certainly an interesting choice and could be our first hint at where the project is going, most certainly given the connection between Tobey Maguire‘s Spider-Man having released around that time.

There’s no confirmation that this is definitely going to tie together, but it’s definitely something interesting to note given the time period. Madame Web has a close connection to the Spider-Verse and it would be a fun way to mix up what we’d initially expect from the Sony film. With hints that Marvel Studios is potentially involved as well, they may be using this opportunity to pull in the characters they’d want to include in a potential multiverse-focused Avengers storyline.

If they do manage to tease a connection similar to Morbius, who knows if this might connect to those films. Aaron Taylor-Johnson has also taken on the role of Kraven the Hunter which may tie in some way or another to whatever Sony has planned. The post-credit sequence confirmed Vulture is stuck in another dimension and Venom also exists within that timeline, but there are still many questions surrounding how it might all tie together. We can only speculate for now.

Source: Twitter

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