First Recording of ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Panther’s Voice Leaked

Marvel’s Avengers just had a brand new patch that fixed some lingering bugs and adds a few more Quality-of-Life changes. Of course, many are wondering where is the next update with content? A recent tweet by @mmmmmmmmiller may give some insight into what is happening behind the scenes. We actively always wondered if the content is updated in one go but it looks like a lot of DLC characters are patched in alongside regular updates. He shared two audio files from patches 1.3.4 and 1.3.5. You’ll notice that this is the exact same audio line spoken by two voices. The first is just a placeholder with the second from an actual voice actor.

We do not know how much of Kate Bishop or even Hawkeye was added in past updates. There is a good chance this is their way to avoid a massive content drop with the download taking hours to complete. Besides that, it also means they are already working on the third character for the DLC, so we will find out who voices him in or after the upcoming War Table video. Also, we still can’t rule it out that that we may see the AIM Cloning Labs sooner rather than later, as the Substation was patched ahead of the weekly reset on Thursday. According to the last two streams, they are currently focusing on bug testing the game. Kate seems to be in the final stages of development. They are testing out any potential issues or bugs before launching, which is why it got delayed. The same goes for the first Omega Level-threat AIM Labs.

We do not know how far along Clint is, but if they are already working on Black Panther, there might be a good chance he is far into development. In one stream, Crystal Dynamics highlighted that they have to adhere to the two-week rule before and after recording, so that also delays a lot. Sadly, we still have no official update or timeline for when we can expect DLC. I hope that we get the War Table video soon, as they did tease it would come before Thanksgiving. As Paul Tassi pointed out in his Forbes article, the game is at a low point when it comes to player count, most notably on PC. It’ll be a tough road ahead, but as soon they start getting consistent updates out, I think we’ll see a growth in the player base. It would just be good to get that ball rolling.

Source: Twitter, Vocaroo, Forbes

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