‘WANDAVISION’ To Have its Own BTS Gallery Episodes

While many fans are understandably underwhelmed with the amount of original Disney Plus content from their two “big time” properties (Star Wars and Marvel), there’s really no argument to be made that, so far, what they have delivered has been pretty impressive. One of the impressive and unexpected surprises for fans has been Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian.


Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian - Official Trailer | StarWars.com


Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian was a BTS documentary, told over the course of 8 episodes, that gave an incredible amount of insight into everything that went into creating Disney Plus’s first live-action Star Wars streaming series. Much of the series consisted of a roundtable style conversation between Jon Favreau and the creatives who worked on Season 1 such as Deborah Chow, Dave Filoni, Rick Famuyiwa, Bryce Dallas Howard and Taikia Waititi and any number of guests that ranged from cast to crew. Episodes featured conversations about topics such as the show’s practical effects, the innovative Volume technology created for the series, influences on the series, and more. The Gallery aired roughly 4 months after Mando’s first season and was truly a treasure trove of information. It seems that the series made a big enough impact that Marvel Studios has decided to jump on board and produce a similar BTS feature for WandaVision!


The First Trailer Has Arrived for WandaVision! Breakdown and Easter Eggs - The Illuminerdi


While I can’t speak to the episode count nor the content, I do know that Marvel Studios was filming behind the scenes footage and interviews for the series during production on WandaVision as early as during Episode 1, the 1950’s set “live studio audience” episode, and the episode in which I expect the dinner with the Hearts, seen in the first trailer, to appear. Revisiting the days of live studio audiences and speaking with the cast and crew about the challenges of working in that type of environment seems like an episode unto itself. Given the lack of original Marvel Studios content on Disney Plus, it will certainly be a welcome addition to the streaming service. Unfortunately, I have no word on whether or not the studio will be producing similar BTS documentaries for their other projects, but given how warmly Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian was received and that WandaVision began production after The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, meaning it wasn’t planned to be the first Marvel Studios series to stream, I’d say it’s likely that these “galleries” are more likely to be the rule than the exception.

WandaVision is STILL expected to stream on Disney Plus sometime in 2020.



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