First Single from Netflix’s Live-Actone ‘One Piece’ Teases Pirates and Adventure

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One Piece is almost upon us with a few more days to go until it finally releases on Netflix. To keep us going until its release, Netflix and Collider have provided the first single of the pirate adventure we’re about to embark upon. Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli have released the piece “Wealth Fame Power,” inspired by the iconic lines from Gol D. Roger in the series’ opening, and tease their approach with the music.

The main theme interestingly enough will also push the themes that connect Roger and Monkey D. Luffy. As such, the main theme for the series is that of Luffy, but Roger’s is that same theme in reverse. It adds an interesting layer and also matches Eiichiro Oda’s love for having elements echo each other.

There’re many shared similarities between Gol D Roger and the Straw Hat’s captain, Monkey D Luffy, their personalities and character traits absolutely match up, so are their music themes. Monkey D Luffy’s theme is the main theme of our show. Gol D Roger’s theme is Luffy’s theme reversed.

Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli

They go on to showcase the structure of “Wealth Fame Power” starting off with Roger’s theme before turning into that of Luffy, as the pirate age is unleashed upon the world. In a way, it also matches how Loguetown, where we first meet Roger, reflects the beginning and end with the pun in its name.

‘Wealth Fame Power’ opens up with Roger’s theme. It’s powerful, just like Roger himself, driving, and dynamic. It’s a dark, mighty anthem featuring the iconic “musical Jolly Roger” – hurdy-gurdy. As soon as the swords are drawn and the crowd rushes out in search of One Piece, we reverse Roger’s theme and introduce Luffy’s theme, the main theme of our show. Roger’s theme is all about the descending motion since this is the end of the journey for Roger. Luffy’s theme, however, is all about the ascending motion since it’s the beginning of his exciting adventure toward becoming the King of the Pirates.

Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli

It’s definitely an exciting prospect to hear how much work has gone into the soundtrack, as it is something that seemingly gets sidelined in modern blockbusters. Having a main theme connect the one who starts the pirate age and our main protagonist as an inversion adds a lot of thematic relevance. Hopefully, we’ll also see more elements like these throughout that connects the Straw Hats thematically.

Listen to the theme here:

Source: Collider

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