‘Harley Quinn’s Liza Singer Working on Animated ‘Spider-Man: Freshman Year’

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Back in September, we covered the announcement by Harley Quinn‘s Liza Singer that they had joined Marvel Studios in an unknown project. They had worked on a variety of 2D series including Disenchantment, DC Super Hero Girls, and Paramount+’s The Harper House. They also worked on their own Netflix series High in the Clouds. At the time, we didn’t know what other animation projects they had in development. Luckily, Disney+ Day changed all that and we learned about the new animated MCU prequel Spider-Man: Freshman Year. They confirmed their involvement on Twitter.

Jeff Trammel is tackling the project as executive producer. In his announcement tweet, Singer joined in and shared her excitement working with Trammell on the project. Freshman Year, as the name implies, takes place during the time that Peter Parker turned into the hero we’ve come to love throughout the last few films. It’s quite an interesting surprise, as technically Spider-Man still belongs to Sony. So, it may be the reason it’s an animated project that means they aren’t dependent on Sony’s approval. There’s no word if Tom Holland might be involved with the project, but he also didn’t return for What If…?, which might still be connected to the way his contract works.

Source: Twitter, Twitter (Announcement)

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