Artist Chase Conley Joins ‘X-Men ‘97’ as an Episodic Director

xmen 97 Chase Conley

The Marvel section of Disney’s much-hyped Disney+ Day event came with plenty of exciting first looks and project announcements. Perhaps one of the most surprising announcements was the revival of the 90s X-Men: The Animated Series. It now received the new title X-Men ‘97. Unfortunately, aside from revealing the series’ existence, not much was made known about the creative team behind the big comeback outside of the original voice cast is making a return to bring these characters back to life. Luckily for fans, an Instagram post from artist Chase Conley has confirmed at least one episodic director for the show.

Conley recently made waves in the comic book community when he unveiled a new redesign for Miles Morales. Before that, the graphic designer and storyboard artist worked on projects involving The Death of Superman, Teen Titans, and Black Dynamite. Two years ago, Conley posted a workshop image of the iconic X-Men character Storm to his page. Depending on how long he’s secretly been attached to X-Men ‘97, the artwork could be an indicator of the revival’s style, but we did get the classic designs in the Disney+ special. So, we’ll see how they approached the revival of this iconic series. At the very least, it shows Conley has been a passionate fan of these characters for some time.

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