Robert Kirkman Not Involved With Disney+’s ‘Marvel Zombies

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Marvel Studios unveiled a number of new projects during the recent, massive Disney+ Day event. One of these projects was Marvel Zombies, a brand new animated series based on the comics by Robert Kirkman. The reveal came as a surprise to many fans, and it would seem that Kirkman himself was among the crowd of people with no prior knowledge of the show. The Walking Dead and Invincible creator dropped the news in a response to fans on Twitter:

As mentioned by Kirkman, it’s likely the new series will spin out of the fan-favorite episode of What If…?’s first season as opposed to adapting his comics directly. Although, it still seems interesting that the writer is not involved in any consulting capacity. Especially considering elements from his run was used for the What If…? episode, like the zombified heroes being able to use their abilities and Black Panther losing a leg. It’s possible Kirkman’s busy schedule played a role in his lack of involvement with the series. The creative remains hard at work on another animated adaptation of his work, Amazon Prime’s Invincible, as well as his current comics and multiple live-action versions of his previous work.

The Marvel Zombies concept was first introduced in Mark Millar’s run on Ultimate Fantastic Four, as an alternate Earth plagued by a nasty zombie infestation. The idea then became its own series, penned by Kirkman and illustrated by Sean Phillips. The popularity of the comic led to multiple sequel mini-series, and eventually an adaptation for the MCU. Hopefully, the new series proves to be just as popular with fans.

Source: Twitter

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