Marvel Studios ‘HAWKEYE’ Working Title Revealed

With productions delayed as the COVID-19 pandemic continues we aren’t quite sure when we can expect to see Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series Hawkeye start filming; however, we do know what the working title will be whenever that is! The Jeremy Renner led series that is set to introduce Kate Bishop to the MCU will be filming under the working title Anchor Point.



The working title refers to the a spot on an archer’s face where they draw back their bow. A consistent anchor point is key to accuracy. It’s also worth noting that the collected first volume of Kelly Thompson’s Hawkeye series is called Anchor Points.


Once on track for a late-September start, it’s no longer clear when we should expect production to begin as Marvel Studios has given no updates. While Renner is returning as Clint Barton, Marvel Studio have yet to cast their Kate Bishop though rumors persist that Hailee Steinfeld is their first choice.


Stay tuned to Murphy’s Multiverse for more on this story as it develops. In the meantime, you can check out the titular story arc featuring Kate Bishop, written by Kelly Thompson.



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