Connecting Imaginary Dots: Nathan Hurd May Appear in ‘She-Hulk’

she hulk nathan hurd

We’ve been anxiously keeping an eye on Disney+ Day, as it’ll offer our first look into the future of Marvel Studios’ venture into streaming beyond Hawkeye. Ms. Marvel faced quite a few delays and we’re still waiting for an announcement regarding the other announced series. Among them is She-Hulk, a series that might have a much larger role moving forward in the MCU. Casting-wise, the last we heard was Arrow‘s Josh Segarra joining the series back in July. Luckily, a new Instagram post and IMDb might help us connect one additional character.

We’ve heard for some time that She-Hulk would mainly act as a legal comedy. It makes sense given her perchance of breaking the fourth wall in the comics, which was also confirmed for the series. So, the addition of comedians to add their flair seems like the logical next step. So, when comedian Nathan Hurd posted an Instagram with the caption “You wouldn’t like me if I’m angry” with green lighting it seems like a fun reference to the Hulk.

At first glance, it seems like the comedian/actor was having fun. Yet, there’s a curious listing on IMDb that might add more to this post. If you look at the stunt casting for She-Hulk, you’ll notice that the stunt actor A.J. Gagliardi is listed as Nathan Hurd‘s stunt double.

As such, we can assume that Hurd has a role in the upcoming series and he’s teasing it on his Instagram. He’s also not unfamiliar with acting in a Marvel series, as he also had a role as the Monk in Legion. The interesting aspect is that he has a stunt double to begin with, which might be a hint he’ll appear in an action sequence of some kind. Perhaps he is part of the rumored Wrecking Crew. We’ll see if we might get a glimpse at him in the Disney+ series first trailer.

Source: Twitter, IMDb, IMDb (Hurd)

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