REPORT: She-Hulk to Face the Wrecking Crew in Disney+ Series

she hulk wrecking crew

She-Hulk has been quietly filming in Atlanta. Only a few tidbits found their way online. There was a rumor three weeks ago that Hulk’s son Skaar might make his live-action debut in the series. We got the official confirmation that Jameela Jamil will play the iconic villain Titania. Surprisingly, we haven’t seen much from the film’s set outside of a photo of Mark Ruffalo in his mo-cap suit and a brief tease of Tatiana Maslany as the titular heroine. So far, it’s been otherwise quiet, and we’ve been wondering what else the series might have in store for us. Well, it looks like Cosmic Circus might have gotten their hands on a juicy tidbit as it seems the Wrecking Crew will appear in the upcoming series.

For those wondering who they are. The Wrecking Crew is a team that consists of four supervillains known as Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball, and Wrecker. They made their first appearance in The Defenders #17 back in 1974. In the comics, Dirk Garthwaite, the future Wrecker, was mistaken for Loki and gained mystical powers when he got an enchanted crowbar by the Norn queen Karnilla. After his friends grabbed it when it got struck by lightning, they all got their abilities. It’s uncertain which members will appear, as the roster has changed over the years in the comics.

As you can guess by their origin, they commonly get connected to Thor’s rogue’s gallery but some adaptations have also added Gamma radiation to their powers, such as The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The team seemed like a classic Saturday morning cartoon villain. So, it seemed unlikely they would get adapted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon. So, it’s great that Marvel Studios is using these Disney+ shows to introduce some minor characters from the comics.

Source: Cosmic Circus

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