‘The Suicide Squad’: James Gunn Reveals the Villains Who Didn’t Make the Cut

suicide squad villains

When it got announced a few years ago the James Gunn would be writing and directing the next Suicide Squad film, many fans knew he would dig deep within the depths of the DC Universe for the best possible candidates. For a while, we could only speculate. Set photos would only offer a glimpse at the roster. It wasn’t until DC Fandome that we officially got confirmation on who joined the infamous squad. Gunn lived up to the expectations. He is using characters like Javelin, Savant, Weasel, Peacemaker, Bloodsport, and even a reimagined version of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy in his film. It seems there were a lot more candidates that didn’t cut. Well, not yet, at least.

When asked by a fan via Twitter, the director opened the flood gate, revealing he’d kept a folder on his computer with candidates for the squad and shared a few that didn’t make it. In the thread, we got the confirmations that Livewire, Punch, Jewelee, Black Spider, and even Deathstroke almost appeared in the sequel. The latter has been a popular choice for fans. In the rest of the thread, he also revealed some familiar villains that include Man-Bat, Plastique, Chemo, Killer Frost, Mister Freeze, KG-Beast, GunHawk, Knockout, Rainbow Creature, and even Solomon Grundy. You can check out the Twitter thread here:

While some of these great characters didn’t make that cut, that isn’t an entirely bad thing and won’t be cut down like an overgrown lawn. If Gunn was to return for a future Suicide Squad film he’d most definitely revisit that folder for some more of the best and brightest that DC can offer.

Source: Twitter

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