‘Hawkeye’s Inspirations Include ‘Home Alone’, ‘Die Hard’ And Many More

hawkeye inspirations

When the first trailer for tomorrow’s Hawkeye dropped, many have noted a similarity in style to the classic Bruce Willis-led film Die Hard. The comparison was aided by the visual of him escaping out of a skyscraper. Well, it seems that the iconic 90s action film played a role in bringing this series to life, but it looks like they had some other interesting inspiration when tackling the project.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, director Rhys Thomas discussed what influenced their take on the character’s first solo adventure in the MCU, where he lists that the first two Home Alone films and even Gremlin also played a part in their inspiration for bringing the Christmas feeling to the Disney+ series. His full quote states that:

People mentioned Die Hard being one side of things, but yeah. I mean Home Alone is definitely a big atmospheric Christmas touchstone… both the original and Lost In New York. Yeah, I don’t know. Like I, kinda, again, I would just do, I mean, Gremlins as well. It’s like… I’m the type of person that sort of whether a direct reference makes it into a show or a movie or not, I will take any excuse to sort of keep plumbing my memory, my cultural memory.

There have been many classic holiday-themed films in the past years. Of course, Die Hard is the most obvious inspiration due to the action aspect. Sadly, they didn’t use the opportunity to have Shane Black tackle an episode due to his love for projects including the Christmas theme. After his work with Iron Man 3, it’s surprising they wouldn’t have him back to add his unique style. Perhaps he’ll get to tackle a Christmas special another time, as the Guardians of the Galaxy are likely the next one.

Source: ComicBook.com

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