Don’t Expect an Italian Accent from Chris Pratt’s Mario in ‘Super Mario’ Film

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It looks like the upcoming Super Mario film will change something quite iconic about the popular Nintendo mascot. Throughout the games, the character famously was brought to life by Charles Martinet, who gave the character an iconic Italian accent. He’s also voiced most of the supporting cast including his brother Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. That all will change when Chris Pratt takes over the voice role for the gaming icons grand return to the silver screen, but it looks like he’ll have a very different approach.

In an interview with toofab, Illumination Entertainment producer Chris Meledandri revealed that we shouldn’t expect his iconic Italian accent for the film. He added that Pratt will add his own spin of the character’s voice, which will be greatly different from what fans are used to. Though, he does highlight that there will be a reason given for the character’s new voice in the film. Meledandri goes on to highlight that:

All I can tell you is the voice that he’s doing for us, and Mario, is phenomenal,” the 62-year-old insisted upon a recent return to LAX. “Yeah I can’t wait for people to hear it

He does highlight that there will be some representation of their Italian heritage in the film, but that’ll be in the form of Charlie Day as Luigi.

Charlie Day, who’s playing Luigi, actually comes from Italian heritage. Yeah so that’s our nod

It’s certainly a strange decision to move completely away from the voice that made the character iconic. Even when the film SCOOB! replaced the franchise’s iconic voice cast, the voice of Shaggy copied that of the original character. It’s a recurring theme that animated projects hire non-voice actors to add as a selling point to its advertising, but we’ll see what Pratt brings to the table.

Source: toofab

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