‘Hawkeye’s Original Musical Number Heading to Disneyland

rogers the musical disneyland

There have been many theories that we may see more of that iconic musical piece from Hawkeye titled Rogers: The Musical. After visitors of D23 got a little piece from the musical, many wondered why they wouldn’t make use of it to have a live feature at one of the Disneyland Resorts. Well, it seems it was only a question of time as Marvel has finally announced that Disneyland Resort will indeed start showcasing the one-act version of Rogers: The Musical starting this summer.

It’s fun to see this unique take on the first Avengers film make its way to real life after its popularity during the airing of Hawkeye on Disney+. While Clint Barton was a bit embarrassed by the project, it definitely became a fan-favorite, especially when we got the musical as the final post-credit sequence. For now, it seems they don’t have any exact details just yet for the project but it will debut on the Hyperion Stage in California Adventure Park.

Many have wondered what the biggest advantage of Disney has been and that was its synergy. Not only do they have strong box office performers, but they also profit from having their properties get featured at Disney parks, the various merchandise released for the projects, and more. Who knows if they might also get inspired for a full-on musical inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe that could also become a Disney+ original eventually. At this point, anything is possible.

Source: Marvel

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