Heather Langenkamp Wants a ‘Halloween’ Style Legacy Sequel for ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

nightmare on elm street sequel

Halloween and Scream have recently made quite a big splash in theaters with their grand return. Not only did they revive the franchise but also acted as direct sequels to previous entries. So, it raised some eyebrows if this is the start of a new trend for other projects making a similar return. As it turns out, it seems that Nancy herself, Heather Langenkamp, is excited to potentially face off against Freddy Krueger one last time in a legacy sequel for A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Gosh, I’d love to see a future in that. I’ve been really watching the Halloween saga that’s been out, and I love watching Jamie Lee Curtis get to play that part. You know, this age, where I think we have so much to give to those storylines, but yeah, I wish I was in control of that, but, unfortunately, it’s one of those Hollywood very complicated things.

Heather Langenkamp

In the age of remakes, it’s crazy to think that the concept of killing someone in their dream has not been truly explored since the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake back in 2010. While Jackie Earle Haley gave a chilling performance as Krueger, it still didn’t scratch the same itch that the original did.

A legacy sequel with Robert Englund would definitely be a dream project and there are hopefully already some discussions happening behind the scenes with the recent resurgence. If the latest season of Stranger Things can pay tribute to the iconic franchise, it just makes sense for the project to make a grand return.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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