Skybound Developing Video Games Based on Robert Kirkman’s ‘Invincible’

invincible games

Invincible has grown as a franchise in the last few years. Robert Kirkman‘s comic series about a young teenager uncovering his true heritage and joining the unlikely world of superheroes just recently became a hit animated Amazon series with a live-action film still in some form of development. While we’re still anxiously awaiting a second season and an update on the adaptation, it does seem like they have added one more to the project.

In a new report, Skybound Entertainment has unveiled that they plan to adapt the series as a game. As Invincible celebrates 20 years, it’s the perfect time to highlight how it is about to expand beyond what we already know. There’s no word on if they already have a developer attached, but it seems like they are definitely interested in bringing this franchise to the next step.

They have done similar projects in the past, such as their rapid expansion of The Walking Dead franchise throughout the years. The game has quite a set of characters o there are many directions they could take it. Ironically, the heroic Mark Grayson may have the name Invincible but he gets beat up repeatedly throughout the comic’s run. So, it seems unlikely they’ll go down a story route with boss fights you have to overcome, but as’s Logan Moore points out, its vast cast of characters would be perfect for a fighting game. We’ll have to see which direction they take with this project.


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