NBA’s Adam Silver On Shortlist to Replace Bob Iger as Disney’s Next CEO

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When Bob Iger returned as CEO of Disney, it was known that it wasn’t going to last. Ever since he took over from Bob Chapek, he was on the path to retiring within two years once again. Fox Business announced Disney is cultivating a shortlist of viable candidates to succeed Iger but hasn’t yet nailed the one to take over just yet.

Potential options include Dana Walden, Disney’s entertainment co-chair; Kevin Mayer, CEO of TikTok and founder and CEO of Candle Media; Adam Silver, Commissioner of the National Basketball Association. The list allegedly has other possible internal contenders, including Alan Bergman, Walden‘s entertainment co-chair, Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Parks and Resorts, and Jimmy Pitaro, President of ESPN.

Silver is an intriguing candidate who doesn’t quite share the same background as the other candidates but does have direct ties to ESPN, Disney’s flagship network, through his role as commissioner. He also has eight years of experience as president and COO of NBA Entertainment.

One executive of a major sports franchise spoke anonymously but provided some insight:

It’s an unusual choice since Disney is usually run by people who know the entertainment industry. But he certainly knows Disney and Iger, so it’s possible.

Charlie Gasparino , Eleanor Terrett – Fox Business

If selected, Silver has an uphill battle. The NBA generates $10 billion dollars in annual revenue compared to Disney’s $80 billion in 2022. However, running a professional sports league offers hands-on experience (such as management, dealing with various high-level stakeholders, and entertainment) that would lend itself well.

Source: Fox Business

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