Amazon Prime’s Rebooting ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ Game Show

takeshis castle reboot

Back in 1986, TBS aired a series titled Takeshi’s Castle. It was a rather bizarre take on a game show format, where contestants had to manage their way through countless hurdles, people in costumes, and other gimmicks so that they have a chance to win a prize after facing off against Kitano Takeshi. The series ran until 1989, but it looks like Amazon Prime’s Japan divison has plasn to revive the series. It currently is only titled “Takeshi’s Castle Project” and is eyeing a release in 2023.

They are announcing the revival of the series alongside other Japanese-produced series such as the Japanese adaptations of classic competition shows like Bake Off, The Masked Singer, and The Bachelorette. They are also developing some new dramas and comedies, which include Modern Love Tokyo, a Japanese adaptation of the anthology series by the same name, or My Lovely Yokai Girlfriend that will offer a different take on a horror adventure-comedy.

The return of Takeshi’s Castle might be somethign for those that love series like Total Wipeout, Ninja Warrior, Ultimate Beastmaster, and more. There was some controversy back in the day, as some Western translations included racially insesitive cut-aways or commentaries which have certailny not aged well. So, they may have a chance to recify that lesson once they wrap produciton and include a new set of English commentators for international audiences.

Source: Variety

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