Insomniac Adding ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 Save File Transfer to Remaster

We are only a few days away from the release of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It’ll be one of the few launch titles for the PlayStation 5 to ring in a new generation of gaming. Also, some can get their hands on the Remaster edition of the original 2018 game. There was some controversy as Insomniac revealed that their Peter Parker would be getting a new redesign. It stirred quite some controversy. Not just that, there was also the issue that Spider-Man: Remastered would not be compatible with the original’s save file.

Players weren’t happy that they couldn’t go through the campaign on New Game+ with the Remaster. Insomniac didn’t waste any time and has now revealed that they will be adding a future update that would let players use their PlayStation 4 save file with the Remaster.

It’s a great move by Insomniac, as it was quite the discussion point in the community after the reveal. The remaster might be the first one to offer this function, as the PlayStation 4 remaster of The Last Of Us did not provide this update to use the previous generation’s save file. Keep in mind that this update will not be added until Thanksgiving, so you will have to wait until then before you can replay or continue the campaign from the original. This tweet is also the first confirmation that the three new suits might not have been added in the PS4 version and were going to be exclusive to the remaster. No matter what, this is fantastic news for those hoping to continue where they left off. It’ll just be very jarring when Pete’s face changes when you continue mid-campaign.

Source: Twitter

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