Leslye Headland’s ‘Star Wars’ Series Could be About Doctor Aphra

We reported a few days ago that a short description was released online that gave us some insight into Leslye Headland‘s upcoming Star Wars series. It teased that it may be part of a yet to be explored time within the canon. It will feature martial arts action and be an action thriller. We still have no exact detail on what direction this show will take. The only real official information was that it is going to be female-led, which also opens up the question if we have met the character before. Now, in an interview with Influencer Fantastic Frankey, Headland offered a bit more insight into the project.

In the interview, she confirmed that it will be part of the galaxy far far away that we have yet to explore. The detail that truly stands out is that it will be an Indiana Jones-style journey. This reveal might be our biggest hint at what the focus of the series will be. We discussed it, and there might be a chance the show focuses on Doctor Aphra, that like Doctor Jones, is also an archeologist.


The character made her debut in Kieron Gillen‘s Star Wars: Darth Vader run. She became such a popular character and got her own series. She was recruited by Darth Vader, who wanted her dead once he was finished with her. Aphra managed to escape without him knowing and wouldn’t find out until much later. Currently, she is the only comic book character to get a solo title. It is also very noteworthy that she is one of the franchises’ most high-profile LGBT characters who fell in love with an Imperial Officer named Tolvan. This would be a great move by Lucasfilm in dealing with inclusion issues. Keep in mind, this is just speculation for now.

If you are interested in the video, you can check out the interview here:

Source: YouTube

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