BREAKING: Iman Vellani is the MCU’s ‘Ms. Marvel’

Last week we were flooded with Marvel Studios news and it looks like this week is off to a good start. Despite all the good news, surprisingly, we still didn’t know who as going to play Ms. Marvel. The first Muslim character to headline her own series has seen quite the surge in popularity lately. She is the main focus of the Reassemble campaign in Square-Enix’s Avengers game voiced by Sandra Saad. She has also been heavily featured in the Marvel Rising series. We were just waiting for the official announcement and it is finally here. Iman Vellani will be playing the titular character according to Deadline.

There’s not much information out there on Iman Vellani other than that she’s a budding filmmaker herself. A newcomer in the truest sense, Vellani will surely become a star as soon as the show comes out. Marvel has always been incredibly on point with their casting and she certainly looks the part of Kamala Khan. It is also great to see Marvel Studios also bring in new and young talent for these major projects. We cannot wait to see her adaptation of the iconic superhero.

Source: Deadline 

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