‘The Marvel’s Looks Set to Be Marvel Studios Shortest Film to Date

In recent years, fans have developed an interesting obsession with the runtimes of Marvel Studios projects. Whether it’s an episode of one a streaming project or the length of a film, conversations about runtimes have, at times, overshadowed conversations about what happened DURING that runtime. The general consensus seems to be that no matter how long the episode or film in question actually is, it would have been better had it been longer. With that in mind, those obsessed with runtime will have plenty to talk about now.

According to newly shared information by Cryptic HD, who continues to be a bulletproof source for runtime information on Disney’s projects, The Marvels, which releases on November 10th, is set to be the shortest MCU film to date.

As the post makes clear, the 105 minute runtime is still only an estimate; however, it’s unlikely that the actual runtime of The Marvels will differ significantly enough from the estimate to surpass the 112 minute runtimes of either The Incredible Hulk or Thor: The Dark World which currently share the honor of being the shortest cinematic entries in the MCU.

Given The Marvels may be the last Marvel Studios project to hit theaters for quite some time as a the now-resolved WGA strike and ongoing SAG strike have delayed productions, fans will have to make the most of the 1 hour and 45 minutes of action it provides.

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