‘Marvel Studios Legends’ Episodes on Doctor Strange, Wong, and Scarlet to Release This Week

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Marvel Studios’ expansion to Disney+ has not only brought us some memorable live-action and even animated projects, but it also gave the team an opportunity to quickly catch up with viewers that may not be fully invested in every entry of the MCU. For those that are looking for the cliff notes, Marvel Studios Legends is the perfect way to get ready without having to invest hours of content. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ release is on the horizon and luckily, Disney+ Italy account.

They reveal that three episodes will release on April 29th, which includes one for Doctor Strange, Wong, and Scarlet Witch. Of course, it doesn’t include any details regarding what they will cover, but it’s likely going to follow every appearance throughout the MCU to help those that may have missed out on a few appearances, or simply haven’t had the time. What’s interesting is that Wanda already got an episode ahead of WandaVision‘s release and is purposefully called the Scarlet Witch this time around.

It’s become somewhat of a tradition that each new entry also includes these teases, especially if it includes characters that have been part of the franchise for quite some time. Plus, it’s a great way to add some accessibility for those that never had a chance to check out the franchise, or only watched a select few. Disney+ is the new home for Marvel, especially how it marketed itself with the Netflix series addition, and will help those that want an easy way to watch the films and series they may otherwise have missed out on.

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