New ‘Ms. Marvel’ Promo Art Offers loser Look at Red Dagger’s Design

ms marvel red dagger

While we’re focused on that amazing fifth episode of Moon Knight, it still looks like promo art has found its way online for Ms. Marvel to add a little extra to the Marvel day. As shared by @CineGeekNews, some more promo art continues to put the focus on our titular hero Kamala Khan with a great visual inspired by the comics. There are also her drawings of Captain Marvel, Wasp, and Valkyrie that we saw in the initial trailer. Yet, there is one that stands out the most, it’s our first look at the MCU’s Red Dagger.

Aramis Knight joined the Disney+ series as the vigilante known as Red Dagger and we did get a tease of his look in the series during the first trailer, but it was a bit difficult to fully make out. Luckily, the new promo art not only confirms he’ll retain his superhero name but offers our best look at his design with the iconic red scarf and even his iconic daggers.

His design is quite faithful to the version we saw in the comics. We don’t know if his story will also follow a similar beat to the storyline that inspires the Disney+ series. They will definitely make some changes if her new abilities are anything to go by, but they are seemingly trying to keep the original spirit of the character alive. She’s a teenager and will probably struggle quite a bit with her new role, especially as she also has to somehow keep up with her school work and home responsibilities.

Source: Twitter

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