‘Iron Man 2’ Star Open to Return as Justin Hammer for ‘Thunderbolts’

thunderbolts justin hammer

When it was first announced that we’d be getting an adaptation of Thunderbolts, theories went wild on who may have a role and who may not. While the reception has been mixed to positive, mostly due to the concern of a lack of variety given the abundance of super soldiers, there still was some excitement for a group of anti-heroes tackling a mission the Avengers wouldn’t. Still, many were definitely missing Iron Man villain, Justin Hammer.

Luckily, The Playlist got a chance to interview Sam Rockwell, who played the character in Iron Man 2 and even the All Hail the King One-Shot, if he’d be interested to join the Thunderbolts line-up. While throughout the interview, he was mostly confused about who that was, making sure it’s not a new name for War Machine he shares his excitement to potentially join.

Yeah, I would be into that. [Thunderbolts] sounds cool… What villains would be in that?

Sam Rockwell

He’d definitely make for a perfect addition to the team, especially with them going to require quite a few weapons to take on whatever they may be facing. Perhaps he’s been out of prison for a while and has been working with the Power Broker, maybe Agent 13 is also just pretending to be the face as he provides whatever weaponry she required. We’ll see if there are a few members that haven’t been revealed yet for Thunderbolts.

Source: The Playlist via The Direct

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