RUMOR: Marvel Studios’ ‘Blade’ May Take Place in the 1920s

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While Marvel Studios’ upcoming adaptation of Blade has been potentially delayed indefinitely due to losing director Bassam Tariq, it seems that Illuminerdi has released some details in regards to what were the original intentions with this project. With Mahershala Ali set to take on the titular role of Eric Books, who most know as the vampire hunter Blade.

According to Illuminerdi, the upcoming Marvel film may not be set in the current timeline but rather explore the 1920s. It may feature Blade taking on European vampires before it starts exploring multiple time periods until it arrives in the modern MCU. It would make sense as it could further explore how vampires remained hidden for so long while also telling a story that isn’t forced to go by how the modern MCU works.

There are mentions of issues with the script in the current rumor mill, which means they might end up changing things up. The only aspect that could happen is that this concept doesn’t even make it into the final script once they start filming. Still, it taking place in the 1920s would add a unique visual flair to the story and give them the opportunity to offer something more gothic in design.

Plus, it would make Blade stand out more from other members of the MCU. It would be a shame not to explore the history of vampires while also hinting at how they managed to remain such a mystery even into the modern age. Perhaps Werewolf by Night might offer a little glimpse into how the supernatural horror part of the franchise works early next month.

Source: Illuminerdi

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