‘IT’s Bill Skarsgård Voices Deviant Kro in ‘Eternals’

eternals kro

Quite a few mysteries were surrounding the main Deviant from Chloé Zhao‘s Eternals. The biggest was Marvel Studios reluctance to share the identity of who was bringing him to life. In September, a statement by Dan Stevens made it seem like he was going to tackle the character in the upcoming film. Now that the film has finally been released, the cat is out of the bag and it turns out IT‘s Bill Skarsgård was the one to bring the character to life on the silver screen.

It’s a curious detail that Marvel Studios still hasn’t announced the voice behind Kro even though he’s quite a big name to tackle the character. There’s a chance that the role was just considered too small to promote his involvement, as they might want to reuse the actor for a different role later down the line.

If they aren’t putting a strong focus on his inclusion in the film, it makes you wonder what other role they might have in mind for the actor. Gemma Chan returned after a previous appearance in this to take on the role of Sersi. So, it’s quite possible he’ll make a return in a future project. they simply decided to put their main focus on the main ensemble cast of ten characters.

Source: Comic Book

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