First ‘Dune’ Trailer Description Teases the Deserts of Arrakis

Denis Villeneuve has been on everyone’s radar. His work on Arrival transported us into a very unique take on a close encounter of the third kind. Black Runner 2049 was a personal standout with the return to the futuristic Los Angeles and the return of Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard. Now, we are all anxiously waiting for his take on the iconic franchise Dune. Rumors started bubbling that we would finally get our first look at the film on September 9th. Looks like Inside The Film Room may have gotten an early description of the trailer.

According to them, it will be around 1 minute and 37 seconds long. They confirm that WB and Legendary will have their logos adapted in the style of the film’s gold-black aesthetic. The start focuses on the Gom Jabbar test. In Frank Herbert’s original novel, this was used to test one’s humanity. In layman’s terms, they used a poisoned needle to see if someone would stay calm or react out of instinct. Timothée Chalament‘s Paul Atreides undergoes this test by placing a hand in a box. Charlotte Rampling appears in a regal black gown and pushes the needle into his neck. If he pulls his hand out of the box, he has failed the test.  This sequence also briefly cuts to shots of the deserts of Arrakis and the various cast members.

An aircraft opens to reveal Oscar Isaac, who was teased in previous official photos, Rebecca Ferguson and Jason Momoa. Here we are also introduced to Javier Bardem’s Stilgar and Zendaya‘s Chani. She will be climbing rocks with a group of Fremen, who are considered savages by the Imperium of this world.

They also tease appearances by Chang Chen, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, and Dave Bautista. He plays Glossu Rabban Harkonnen, who is described as if he was painted white and covered in dust. Also, a character emerging from a tub full of liquid that might be Stellan Skarsgård‘s character. It all builds up to the moment we see Paul among the Fremen. This is then followed by the Dune logo alongside a track that combines drums with synth music.

Now, we just got a little bonus as some visuals have leaked of the cast that confirms the visuals teased about the characters. Check them out here:

Now that sounds quite exciting. Villeneuve always had a way of making iconic visuals, so that is something I cannot wait to see. They do describe that the environments look stunning. The Gom Jabbar test is held in a circular room carved with beautiful decorations. They describe the endless desert as a beautiful and bright yellow river. It’s all quite exciting and cannot wait to dive into this new world once the trailer is released online.

Source: Inside The Film Room, Twitter (Images)

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