John Penney Debuts a First Look at His New Novel, ‘It Comes Back’

John Penney has debuted a first look at his new psychological horror novel ‘It Comes Back,’ which readers can help shape through Crowdfundr.

Award-winning writer & director John Penney has unveiled the first look at his latest psychological horror novel, It Comes Back. In a twist, though, the author has launched a Crowdfundr campaign in which fans will be able to help shape the story.

The first two chapters of It Comes Back will be available through Crowdfundr beginning September 15th. Penney is actively seeking feedback from readers to help “shape the story through to the end.” Fans that participate in the Crowdfundr campaign will not only receive the story early but will also get the chance to have a character named after them, signed previous works and one-on-one meetings with John himself, who can “impart his wisdom with fellow writing enthusiasts.”

“I have spent my career writing screenplays for films, including “Return of the Living Dead 3“, “The Kindred” and “Re-Animator Unbound.” Although the process has been rewarding, my best creative experiences have been the two novels I wrote “Truck Stop” and “Killing Time.” Crowdfundr gives me the opportunity to pursue writing novels. There are no barriers between my ideas and the reader. The connection is pure and I can express myself one on one. This is pure joy. Crowdfundr also allows me to hear back from my readers directly.”


It Comes Back focuses on Allison Cutter, a typical housewife living in California with her husband, Ray. After waking up one night, she finds herself alone in bed with her husband nowhere to be found. As she goes in search for him, she finds a mysterious nude man with slashed wrists in her kitchen. Before she has the chance go in search of help, Allison is stabbed seven times while Rey flees from the police, only to be apprehended in Yucca Valley. What follows is a story of a man framed for his wife’s murder and a sinister truth everyone will soon discover.

Fans can access the Crowdfundr campaign by going here.

Penney is perhaps best known for writing and directing the supernatural thriller, Hellgate, which starred William Hurt and Cary Elwes. He has also written and directed films such as Zyzzyx Road, starring Katherine Heigl, and Magic featuring Christopher Lloyd. Other books by Penney include 2012’s Truck Stop and 2013’s Killing Time.

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