‘Joker 2’ to Start Production Next Month

joker 2 production start

Warner Bros. Discovery has been slowly wrapping up the year with a new earnings call, where CEO David Zaslav offered some insight into recent developments from the company and what the future has in store. A big focus was set on the newly formed DC Studios and some of the projects that are set to appear in the coming years. Among them was the Joker sequel, Joker: Folie á Deux. Joaquin Phoenix once again returns to take on the role of Batman’s greatest villain in a standalone experience and it looks like production is set to start very soon.

As revealed by Zaslav himself during the earnings call, the Joker sequel is set to start production next month. No exact start date has been shared but it seems that they are on course to get working on the project with director Todd Phillips also returning. The biggest addition is Lady Gaga, who is taking on this new universe’s take on Harley Quinn. Once she joined the project, the rumors of it acting as a musical gained traction and highlighted how this new take might differ from the previous entry.

It’s definitely interesting that Joker of all films is getting a sequel just as Warner Bros. Discovery is trying to establish a connected DC Universe. Even Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe will still continue to evolve and it was hinted at being its own pocket universe. So, Zaslav is currently trying to get the best of both worlds rather than keeping a true focus. On the flip side, these distinct projects still happening is great for those that want to see more diverse stories from these iconic heroes. So, while it’s confusing if you consider WBD’s set goal, it seems we can still look forward to some unique projects.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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