Warner Bros. Discovery Head Teases DC Studios’ New co-CEOs “United Creative Approach”

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Warner Bros. Discovery has been quite the powder keg in the industry. Its new CEO David Zaslav has not left a good impression with the axing of Batgirl and pulling various projects from HBO Max for no apparent reason besides saving on taxes. Yet, there’s also some excitement with the newly founded DC Studios that’ll be spearheaded by co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran.

During Warner Bros. Discovery’s earnings call, Zaslav gave a few insights into recent developments. While he did give a shoutout to some productions in the near future for DC, he also highlighted his excitement for the work that Gunn and Safran are going to accomplish and promises a “more unified creative approach” to the DC Cinematic Universe.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months with James and Peter. They have a powerful vision and blueprint that will drive a more unified creative approach that will enable us to realize the full value of one of the world’s most iconic franchises.

David Zaslav

There still is some uncertainty about whatever Zaslav is trying to accomplish with WBD; many signs hint at them mostly preparing for a resell to another company later down the line. Still, there’s a lot of potentials that with the producer and director spearheading the new division we might still see some tighter world-building in the DC moving forward. For now, we can only hope and we probably won’t see the first results for their ventures by 2025.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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